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Warwick qld dating sites

A 40-foot turntable was also planned for Warwick at this time.These were the second set of tenders called for the station buildings as the previous tenderers were all too high.A report in the Warwick Examiner and Times published on October 12, 1887 describes the progress on the redevelopment plan of the site.

The article does not mention an architect, but does say "the architecture (of the passenger station) is not of a very elaborate character, and is said by connoisseurs not to be of a particular order, being a "homologation" of various orders, such as flitted across the mind of the draftsman when preparing the plans." Whilst thus dismissed the passenger station constructed was a substantial single storeyed stone building, with rendered brick portico of classical derivation.memorial - honour board/ roll of honour, platform, track, kitchen/kitchen house, residential accommodation - workers' quarters, yards - livestock, platform canopies/awnings (railway), railway siding, shed - goods, residential accommodation - station master's house/quarters, yards - sale, residential accommodation - inspector's house/quarters, railway station, shed/s, institute - railway, garden/grounds Warwick railway station is an amalgam of buildings dating from the mid 1880s, when this site became the principal railway station in Warwick.The buildings include a sandstone goods shed and passenger station, a turntable, various staff dwelling and recreational buildings, warehouses and a goods sale yard complex.A stone kitchen was built adjacent to the station building.An early description of the passenger station describes verandah awnings attached to the eastern side of the building which provide shelter over the platforms.

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On , Warwick was granted the status of a municipality (the Borough of Warwick), and discussions were held soon after concerning the introduction of the railway which was in primary stages of planning in Queensland.

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