Updating phusion passenger

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Updating phusion passenger

the current phusion supplied rpm is still a 3 version, so using yum upgrade won't help yum info passenger-release Loaded plugins: security Available Packages Name : passenger-release Arch : noarch Version : 3 Release : 6.el6 Size : 5.5 k Repo : passenger Summary : Phusion Passenger release RPM/Yum repository configuration URL : License : MIT Description : Phusion Passenger Yum/RPM configuration.

This package contains the Yum : repository configuration to install & update Phusion Passenger, as : well as the GPG signing key to verify them. Found: yes Location: /usr/bin/gcc * Checking for GNU C compiler...

These instructions are specific to (mt) Media Temple VPS customers that are using Cent OS 7.

Always start new installations by making sure that all of your packages are up to date.

Latest Phusion Passenger has full integration support for RVM and should work out of the box with no configuration.

The only thing you need to tell Phusion Passenger is which Ruby you want to use for which app.

It's a relatively straightforward process, but if you become stuck, Phusion has great tutorials on their site that can help you troubleshoot.

You should receive a printout validating the installation.RVM will allow you to use any of it's MRI/YARV Rubies with Phusion Passenger very easily.RVM works best with latest version of Phusion Passenger.RVM also works with Phusion Passenger 3.x, although later versions have much better RVM support. # cd /etc/nginx/ # openssl genrsa -des3 -out 1024 # openssl req -new -key -out # cp org # openssl rsa -in org -out # openssl x509 -req -days 365 -in -signkey -out The SSL configuration here can verify clients for SSL communications with puppetmaster scripts, as per the Securing Communications with SSL documentation.

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To make it work simultaneously, I'm using RVM with 2.0.0 as default ruby and passenger installed on it.

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