Shu qi dating history dating a felon ok

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Shu qi dating history

Not even the sisters' blind mother, whom has an acute sense of smell, could distinguish between the two, as she still feels the presence of both her daughters around her.As the story progresses, "The Legend of Lady Plum Blossom" goes on a re-run, and the truth will be revealed on stage...reports, neither Qi nor Fung had ever confirmed that they were in a relationship.Since then, she has won numerous awards for her work in films, including a prestigious Golden Horse Award in Taiwan for Best Supporting Actress.

In recent years, the media have reported him seeing a model half his age.

Actress Shu Qi became embroiled in kungfu superstars Donnie Yen and Vincent Zhao's dispute recently, after she voiced her support for the former.

Donnie and Vincent reportedly fell out with each other on set of their new movie Special Identity.

Hui Bao (Shu Qi) and Nan (Shawn Yue), a longtime couple, are both stage drama actors.

They are now intensely rehearsing for their troupe's tour of their new play "The Legend of Lady Plum Blossom".

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Hui Bao also suspects that Nan has been having an affair with Hui Xiang.

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