Save the dating new york

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Save the dating new york

The best places are the smaller, family owned stores. The library on 42 There are locations in the Bronx, Harlem and one in Brooklyn.I save an average to dollars on OTC medicines and things like contact lens solution, toilet paper, cleaning supplies. Two times per year (January/February & June/July) NYC has restaurant week.Shows like The Daily Show give out tickets each day and have a standby line if you are not lucky enough to get tickets the first round.This is an open air market which takes place every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in Union Square. grown locally for a fraction of the cost of most stores.It is not uncommon to find quality furniture and even art out on the sidewalk. I know people who have apartments which have been completely furnished this way.There are many Thrift Stores around Manhattan and most of the clothes come from New Yorkers.

We all love Manhattan, but living there can be excessively expensive.Try going to Goodwill, and not something that says Vintage.They’ll charge you more because of the word “vintage”. Because everyone wants to be here, prices go up drastically.The vendors don’t want to haul their goods and foods back home. Many people in NYC sublet out their apartment or rooms in their apartment.If you catch them right before they pack up you can get even better deals. Check out Air Bn B, Craigslist or other such directories and get your very own apartment for less than a hotel room. If you’re planning to stay in the city more than two weeks, look into extended stay hotels.

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They are typically cheaper and provide larger rooms/kitchens for those staying for an extended period of time.

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