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Responsible for updating website

Student Groups, Faculty, and Non-Profit Personal Home Pages Tier 4 pages are other non-University-mission related pages that are allowed to reside on FSU servers.

Space for these pages is provided as a courtesy to the University community and should not violate FSU Proposed Web Server Use Policies.

The news yesterday that millions of Drupal websites were in danger of being hacked certainly will have brought a few to developers who work with that platform.

It’s easy to imagine many web firms being even more hives of activity than usual as they raced to contact clients and get patching.

Student groups, faculty and staff who have personal home pages will be allowed to use their creativity based on the standards and policies established in the Proposed Web Server Use Guide and copyright laws. These will contain official University information that are directly related with the University's mission.

ITTS will be responsible for updating and maintaining Tier 1 (Level I and 2).

It is strongly encouraged to update and review these Web Sites at least once a month and delete any unwanted graphic files not being used.

These are individual (personal) Web pages maintained solely by the respective student organizations or by members of the University faculty that reside on our Web servers.

Which can make it difficult to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement on this issue when needs must.This page will include links to Tier 1 - Level 2 pages that will include links of interest to prospective students, current students, faculty and staff, alumni and a search link.Level 2 contains information and links to administrative and academic Web pages that are contained in Tier 3.I wondered where the split lay between; I am leaving out those sites we run as favours for friends.In which case I take responsibility for the website security without further concern [ no fibbing now, we all have them ].

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