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I look forward to coming overseas and seeing you as soon as I can. Amanda xx After eight years of adventures, and at least three years when everyone, from cast and crew on down, thought the show was over, Stargate SG-1 is still going strong.

A solid, even growing, fan base has driven the show to its highest ratings ever on the Sci-Fi Channel, have been supporting regular DVD releases, conventions and now even a dedicated magazine.

"That's my hiatus," she laughed, "Just enjoying being pregnant, relaxing, working out, swimming and doing all the good things." With the future of Stargate SG-1 hanging in the balance as this edition went to press, Tapping also commented on the fact that the arrival of her new baby would coincide with the start of filming on the show's ninth season. Coping with a leading actress's pregnancy, however, is necessarily different, and the actress is unsure how Brad Wright and Robert C. "The guys had babies, and they come into work two days later and it's,'Hey, congratulations' - it's all good. I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve sent you all a message. It explores real paranormal phenomenon and puts the evidence to forensic testing. Also, Proof Positive is a very different kind of show for me to do. I was very much looking forward to all these events and to seeing everyone.

What I've told the producers is that I definitely want to come back, but I don't think I can work five days a week, 14 or 15 hours a day with a newborn. We worked with Rick on a really, really limited schedule and we were able to work around it. If they ask me to do it, absolutely, - I would do it. The people who make Proof Positive are really great and my Stargate family is just that, a family.

The Stargate was stolen and the Trust was planning to wipe out the Jaffa. Gemini stands out because I got to play two versions of Carter.

So that sets up some really cool things that are going to happen with the Jaffa nation. I played the Replicator version of Carter and the real Carter. It was probably the hardest episode of Stargate I've ever done, both from a technical standpoint and from an acting standpoint. This year, really, I've played three different versions of Carter: Sam, the Sam we all know and love; Replicator Sam, this cold, harsh character; and later this season you'll see me playing an alternate reality Carter who never went into the military and she's a bit of a science geek and kind of dorky. The conversation for the past several years has been about whether or not Rick would return for the next season of Stargate.

Her work is her work, and that's what's always driven this woman.

For her to suddenly say yes to a proposal of marriage from her boyfriend at the end of this stakeout situation, with Special Forces guys and the victims still there, I just didn't think that she would say yes and I didn't think that she'd neck with him.

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