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Schwartz 2004 is the best brief commentary on the Priestly and Holiness strata in Leviticus.

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For that reason I, like every other Christian, pursue sexual purity in my own heart and life. Dating has become the most difficult thing in the world, probably because they’ve got a … Should we even explore the physical relationship a little bit to ensure we are compatible?Is it a tentative agreement that can be broken off on a whim? ” He also asked that if I am in favor of such sites, I provide a recommendation of a good service.While this is a distinctly twenty-first century question, the Bible remains a steady guide.Within the Priestly source, two main strata can be identified: P, “Priestly”; and H, “Holiness.” P provides the narrative backbone of the source and includes within its narrative the revelation of laws in Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers.H includes small portions in Exodus, brief interpolations in Leviticus, chapters 1–16, the “Holiness Code” in Leviticus 17–26 (so named because of its repeated exhortation to the Israelites to be holy), the addendum on vows, dedications, and tithes in Leviticus 27, and significant portions of the Priestly laws in Numbers.

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