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Faq world of warcraft updating errors

You only *have* to update Add Ons that are actually broken because of functionality changes made by Blizzard in a patch.If you aren't getting error messages and everything is still working okay, you can just run using the "Load Outdated Add Ons" check box.When that happens, Add Ons which call upon those API functions tend to either not work, work strangely, or throw up lots of nasty-looking error messages.The absolute best advice I can give for patch-day Add On maintenance is to follow these guidelines There is no harm in leaving version checking turned off permanently.It's the infamous "World of Rogue Craft" Add On : P It will display the damage you take in above your char, and display whenever a special action occurs (ie a weapon proc).Note that Wo W now has a built in scrolling combat text, that has most of the functionality of SCT.

$ad.offset()=== 0) { r.analytics.adblock Event('banners'); $('.When 1300 patch initially came out, the Standalone version of Quest Minion totally locked up everyone's machine, requiring a coldboot. Check in at the location where you got your mod(s) from originally over a few days after a patch, to get the properly updated version from the actual mod author.By going in and changing all the toc numbers yourself, you are completely defeating the entire purpose of them in the first place.

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Therefore, Blizzard won't ban someone from using any Add Ons.

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