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(Screenshot included) But the problem still exist, the installer is still telling me that f-secure detected. ls -al "/Library/Application Support/F-Secure/expirytime" ls -al "/Library/Launch Daemons/com.f-secure.fsavd.plist" ls -al "/Applications/F-Secure/F-Secure Mac Protection.app/Contents/Mac OS/F-Secure Mac Protection" If you don't have any of those files, you should see something like ls: /Library/Application Support/F-Secure/expirytime: No such file or directory If the file actually shows up in the terminal then we need you to delete it rm "/Library/Application Support/F-Secure/expirytime" rm "/Library/Launch Daemons/com.f-secure.fsavd.plist" rm "/Applications/F-Secure/F-Secure Mac Protection.app/Contents/Mac OS/F-Secure Mac Protection" Once you have deleted those files you can try running the installer again and it should work just fine :-). Can you suggest me another way to fix this problem please? Thanks, Harsha For the second and the third file, they don't exist anymore. Can you run the command sudo rm -rf "/Library/Application Support/F-Secure/expirytime" This will prompt you to enter your system password. Why the old version can install successfully but not the new version. It seems like the F-Secure uninstaller might have left something behind and we are checking for it in our installer.

The name of the program's file is fp-***where the asterisks come for the version number of the program.Even the previous version of norton internet security does not have this problem and installed successfully.I wonder how can i install the new norton security for mac even i am really sure that every single file of f-secure is completely removed from my mac. Thanks Hey Simon11909, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.I'm not affiliated with Frisk Software (the company that develops F-Prot).It is considered as a very good antivirus program and although it is called "F-Prot for DOS" it is totally up to date and can be used also in any home Windows operating system, (up to some non-common exception, see comment ), and identify and remove the most modern viruses and worms.

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