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It’s not often you hear ceramics and archaeology mentioned in the same breath but a seminar later this month hopes to bring the two subjects together.

The Los Angeles convention focuses on all business aspects of the dating and social networking .

Subjects at the convention include: mobile & wireless technology, wireless/mobile technology, payments, venture capital, legal, partnerships, business strategies, marketing methods, background checks, and new technology.

Usually, only objects containing an identifiable rim will be restored, since the shape of the rim determines the type of vessel and its date.

Carefully recorded, drawn and photographed on site, the excavated vessels and fragments undergo preliminary sorting in the field in order to determine the importance of each fragment or vessel and the need for further treatment.

Pottery finds are then sent to the laboratories still covered with layers of sand, mud and dirt.

The collection of more than 55,000 complete objects is exceptional since all of the objects housed, displayed and treated in the laboratories are found in excavations in Israel and are recorded in their archaeological context, offering us a wealth of information which otherwise would have been lost.

The pottery of the Land of Israel significantly impacts historical studies throughout the Levant.

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Finds include jars, cup-bowls, kraters, bottles, ossuaries, churns, figurines, lamps, handles with seal impressions, ostracons, jugs, amphoras, sigillatas, pithoi, plates and more, dating from Pottery Neolithic (5,500 BCE) to the Late Islamic Period (16th century CE).