Dating serbian men

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So I've been seeing this Serbian guy lately and when I tell my friends he's Serbian they kind of go hesitant and tell me to be careful when it comes to them.

I do take my friend's opinions into consideration but I'm just curious as to why they have a bad reputation.

We gave some negative examples and bad generalizations, let’s say, the worst could happen to woman who got married in Serbia.

But generalizations are not always good thing to do, as they might be offensive and even inappropriate in many cases.

She would check you and even if you are doing well, and she is smiling to you, she will treat you not very good.

Very often the mother of Serbian guy becomes kind of competitor for his girlfriend or wife.This article assumes that you want to date a first-generation Serbian-American, Serbian-Canadian, or someone who is 100% Serbian in their ethnicity.People who are half Serbian might have some of these traits if they are highly involved with their cultural background, but you will experience less restrictions and less culture shock when you date them.Ја данима радим, после посла могу да идем у спорт сала, прочитајте књигу, или да хода по ноћном граду Ја сам танак, али не и веома висока, лепа, бавим спортом, идем у спорт сала Ја сам у потрази за добар, храбар човек, I am honest and reliable, kind-hearted and loving person, easy going, true friend, I love good sense of humor.I can sometimes be very difficult and act like a spoilt rotten ( I have been working on that a lot so the results I'm romantic woman, but aimed at financial stability.

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Opinion of Serbian men about American women is they are fat, not pretty and dress horrible.

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