Dating a guy with sleep apnea

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Unexpected perks For Reid Johnson, a 28-year-old salesman from Charleston, S.C., using the CPAP caused some funny moments with college girlfriends, but also some unexpected benefits.She calls the CPAP "the most unromantic device ever," but says using the machine or an oral applicance can rescue a troubled marriage.“You don't want somebody to go untreated," she said.“We hear that a big challenge is having somebody that’s coming to bed with all these accoutrements as opposed to just their jammies.” Like sleeping with Darth Vader And the challenge is growing with the number of sleep apnea sufferers.

The noise of the motor can be annoying, like leaving a blow-dryer on for hours, although some users insist the new models are no louder than a large fan or a refrigerator.“It’s a huge emotional loss,” said Peterson, who works as an executive assistant. I felt like I couldn’t touch him.” Peterson’s opinion isn’t the most popular view in the online support group at the Web site aimed at people who suffer from the serious sleep disorder that advocates say involves so much more than snoring.People with obstructive sleep apnea have a problem that causes their airways to collapse during sleep, cutting off breathing sometimes dozens — or even hundreds — of time a night."When people are sleepy, they can keep up their work role, but their husband role, their parenting role, their love role, they can’t keep it up." That’s often true in a sexual sense as well.In addition to life-threatening health problems and psychological symptoms, people with untreated sleep apnea often suffer from impotence and other disorders.

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Babbett Peterson thought there was nothing less sexy than her husband’s snoring — until he brought home the cure.

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