Complex ptsd dating

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They both may also suffer health problems due to this extremely high level of stress.I salute any relationship that is managing to survive PTSD!I feel bad that I have physical limitations and injuries due to the accidents, and lost my figure and the beauty of my appearance. I notice that he looks stressed, like everything is taking a toll on him.I wish I could be my old self with my nice figure I used to have for my boyfriend. I notice he has started to have some health issues, probably from stress.

Grief may not be always considered in relation to PTSD. They can feel worried, confused, scared and helpless.

Seeing his face, the look of disappointment, when I am unable to remember something, is painful.

I also feel really disabled and different when I realize my memory is damaged and I become afraid and sad.

The triggers are magnified or exaggerated in my mind to become the entire potential experience and then of course I avoid the activity.

When I don’t participate in things with my boyfriend, his needs for experiencing adventure, fun, discovery, and exploration with me do not get met.

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This is directly in relation to the injuries, so it invokes the terror of nearly dying, which makes it hard for my mind to put it into perspective in regards to all aspects of the experience.

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