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Buckingham Palace said yesterday that Charles had no regrets about cooperating with the biography, which describes him as trapped in a nightmare marriage with a bored, bulimic, self-absorbed and obsessively jealous young wife.To the dismay of traditionalists, Charles gave author Jonathan Dimbleby long interviews and unprecedented access to private letters and diaries for the book, "The Prince of Wales." His father, Prince Philip, 73, was tight-lipped when asked about the book in an interview published in The Daily Telegraph today.These observations were strikingly similar to an earlier Defense Intelligence Agency analysis, which concluded that “the idea that destroying, or threatening...For the first time since the Paris peace talks began in May 1968, both sides refuse to set another meeting date for continuation of the negotiations. delegate William Porter angered the communist negotiators by asking for a...The Tory survivors retreated first to Norfolk then to Dunmore’s ship, the Otter, where the majority...On this day, a young engineer at General Motors named Thomas Midgeley Jr.Inspired by the spirited leadership of Benjamin Rush Milam, the newly created Texan Army takes possession of the city of San Antonio, an important victory for the Republic of Texas in its war for independence from Mexico. The same day, their daughter Lynda Johnson was married at the White House.In the interview, recorded on December 8, Johnson, who was commonly thought...

Overwhelmed, the Italian position in Egypt collapsed. At that time, Italian General Rodolfo Graziani had almost 10 times the number of men in...Welch named the society in honor of John Birch, considered by many to be the first...In the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip, the first riots of the Palestinian intifada, or “shaking off” in Arabic, begin one day after an Israeli truck crashed into a station wagon carrying Palestinian workers in the Jabalya refugee district of Gaza, killing four and wounding 10. In Poland, Lech Walesa, founder of the Solidarity trade union, wins a landslide election victory, becoming the first directly elected Polish leader.On this day in 1992, 1,800 United States Marines arrive in Mogadishu, Somalia, to spearhead a multinational force aimed at restoring order in the conflict-ridden country.Following centuries of colonial rule by countries including Portugal, Britain and Italy, Mogadishu became the capital of an independent Somalia in 1960. The Virginia and North Carolina militias defeat 800 slaves and 200 redcoats serving John Murray, earl of Dunmore and governor of Virginia, at Great Bridge outside Norfolk, ending British royal control of Virginia.

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On this day in 1965, the Cincinnati Reds trade outfielder Frank Robinson to the Baltimore Orioles, in exchange for the pitchers Milt Pappas and Jack Baldschun and the outfielder Dick Simpson.