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Browse online international dating site in gerenada

The amount of top up the number will receive is displayed when you have selected a top up amount and is also visible in the 'history' tab when logged in to your account. The system verifies each number that is entered for a top up and will return a message advising whether or not the Top Up can be completed.The following SMS will be also sent to the receiver of Top Up: "You have received $with Digicel Online Top Up. If top up is sent to an incorrect number, Digicel will be unable to provide a rebate as minutes are sent instantly and immediately available for use.Simply, click the “Delete” option beside the card to remove it from the account.Please note, that once a stored card is deleted it cannot be restored.The recipient number I entered is not working Please check the number you have entered is a Digicel prepaid number.If you are attempting to top up a Digicel number that is registered as a postpaid phone, you will see the following message "Your order cannot be created. AUTOMATIC & FINGERTIP TOP UP What is Automatic Top Up?Please see terms and conditions for specific promotions to confirm online top ups qualify.

VERIFYING A TRANSACTION AND MOBILE NUMBER Is there a way to verify the amount the topped up number will receive? Here are the main reasons why your Top Up may fail: What happens if I enter the wrong recipient number?

If your credit card is not stored you will be required to complete a top up via a desktop computer and ensure that you choose to save your credit card when entering your payment details.

When complete: Please note, the service cannot be used with Pay Pal, AMEX or NCB Key Card. To cancel your Fingertip service, Log into your account then go to Top Up methods and select “Fingertip”.

Please remember to bookmark this page for easy access when topping up via the mobile site. You have 90 days in which to top-up your Digicel account after the expiration of each top up.

If you fail to do this, your account will be deactivated.

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There are no transaction fees charged for transacting with Digicel Online, however please check with your respective banks as some may charge a banking fee.