A geeks guide to dating

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If you feel good about the way you look, you’ll feel more confident whenever that first date happens (Before you go nuts in the comments section about how outward appearances shouldn’t be important, remind yourself that you wouldn’t show up for a job interview or a Con dressed inappropriately.

A date should be no different.)Elizabeth Giorgi is a writer and filmmaker from Minneapolis.

That lady rummaging like mad through the dollar comics?

Maybe she —but if she’s on a quest, you might just be another annoying NPC.

To find out, our production manager Chris Lough went on a date with the author himself!

Read on to see what advice he followed, what advice he didn’t, and how it all ended up.

Don’t be that “that guy” (and definitely no hover hand! As I’ve said, Player One, before you ask her out, it’s a good idea to have a destination in mind.

True, it’s unlikely you and your new companion will immediately hop into a TARDIS and head off to dinner on Gallifrey (before it was destroyed).

It will be your first reaction, because you can’t imagine your life without it. My boyfriend doesn’t really get my obsession with . As a result, it’s something that we just don’t do together.From geek speed dating to networking events, many conventions offer a plethora of opportunities for single fanboys and fangirls to socialize with one another. Whatever your context for match-making, try to talk with a girl without anyone else leaning in to offer his opinions (or to distract both of you). In less structured situations, try to position yourself so your back is towards any potential interrupters, blocking their field of vision.(Don’t do anything that invades her space or makes her feel trapped, though.She blogs about mixing life as a nerd with her career at In 2010, she was nominated for a Webby and won an Emmy for Science of Watchmen.

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