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The Baden-Württemberg General Auditin Office acts as an independent body tae monitor the correct uise o public funds bi public offices.an is ane o the walthiest regions in Europe wi a traditionally law unemployment rate.A number o well-kent enterprises are heidquartered in the state, for example Daimler AG, Porsche, Robert Bosch Gmb H (automobile industry), Carl Zeiss AG (optics), an SAP AG (lairgest software enterprise in Europe).In spite o this, Baden-Württemberg's economy is dominatit bi sma an medium-sized enterprises.Baden-Württemberg shares Lake Constance (Bodensee; the border wi Swisserland is the middle o the lake) wi Swisserland an it shares the fuithills o the Alps (kent as the Allgäu) wi Bavarie an the Austrian Vorarlberg (but Baden-Württemberg does no border Austrick ower land).The Danube (Donau) river haes its source in Baden-Württemberg near the toun o Donaueschingen, in a place cried Furtwangen in the Black Forest.

(I write the world's most boring North West fan fic.)She also opened up about Saint's first words, which she's not particularly fond of."He said 'dada' today, three times and I was like 'what'? Also, it's making me feel competitive about getting a shout-out from my (nonexistent) child before my husband does.

Baden-Württemberg is in the soothwastren pairt o the kintra tae the east o the Upper Rhine, an is the third lairgest in baith aurie an population o Germany's saxteen states, wi an aurie o 35,742 square kilometres (13,800 sq mi) an 10.7 million inhabitants.

Württemberg wis occupee'd bi the Romans in the first century AD who defendit their position there bi constructin a (limes) rampart.

(INSM)) an the trade newspaper "Wirtschaftswoche" awardit Baden-Württemberg for being the "economically maist successful an maist dynamic state" amang the 16 states.

Baden-Württemberg is a popular holiday destination, rivaled in Germany anerlie bi Bavarie in terms o its natural landscapes an variety o culinary an cultural afferin an its possibilities for ootdoor activities.

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Turnower for manufacturin in 2003 exceeded 240,000 million, 43% o which came frae exports.