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show co-host Billy Bush, talking raunchily about women in a 10-year-old tape.

In the tape Trump is heard explaining, to Jeb Bush’s cousin, that, among other things, when you’re famous enough, you can grab a woman by her genitals.

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That includes Sunday’s second debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton at which, Trump has previously promised, he will refrain, if at all possible, from making rough comments about Hillary Clinton’s husband, former POTUS Bill Clinton.

Meanwhile, another Trump surrogate, Scottie Hell Hughes, told CNN’s Erin Burnett the audio and video tape proves only that Trump was part of the entertainment industry at the time – “a world that produces movies, and books and songs that use this type of language.

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“ “If we’re going to hold him accountable for the words he used eleven years ago, then we need to hold Hollywood celebrities accountable for their actions today and not allow them to be on the screen saying these same words,” Hughes argued. the Donald Trump I spent 18 months with traveling,” Lewandowski pressed. And so, let me say, we’re appointing a leader – electing a leader to the free world.